The Sauna

A hot dry heat, the main benefit of a sauna is to sweat out the various toxins which build up in the body. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and uses the pores to flush out toxins.


On the whole, most of us don't sweat during the winter months. This coupled with modern synthetic fibres and tight clothing restricts the skin from breathing. Skin is exposed to chemicals throughout the day from bath & shower gels, deodorants, moisturiser, household cleaning products and so on. This affects the skin, and its ability to sweat and shed toxins. Regular sauna use restores your skin and body.


The Spa's sauna sits six, and is mixed. You can control the heat levels by pouring water over the hot rocks as and when you want a stronger intensity.


Other Facilities:

The Pool
Arctic & Tropical Showers
Steam Room



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